The best guitar lessons online



Wednesday 25 October 2017

The best guitar lessons online

Today's guitar players are very lucky. Not only can you find high-quality guitars cheaper than ever, but you can find a wealth of resources on the web - both free and paid - to help you learn how to play the guitar.

The bad thing is that there are almost too many choices when it comes to choosing guitar lessons on the web. To add to the frustration, the quality varies so much. Anyone with a guitar, a cheap webcam and a YouTube account can start creating a course... but that doesn't mean they're qualified! In addition, pedagogy is not a quality for everyone.

We combined our experience with web research to find out what students learn about their experiences - good and bad. Basically, we've done many hours of research, so you don't have to do it! What is interesting for us is to compare CoachGuitar to what exists on the market.

Many websites are quite disappointing despite their marketing side. We have selected these four websites that stand out in the category of online guitar lessons.

The 4 Best Online Guitar Course Sites Rating Online Guitar

Course Websites

1 Guitar Tricks : 19.95 dollars/month - Language: English - with 1 month free trial

—> Simple and clear site, Very large course library, progression by core learning system, possibility of having courses offline

2 Justin Guitar —> free - Language: English

—> It's 100% free and Justin is an experienced guitarist. All videos are on Youtube, there are also books to buy to make his songbook

3 JamPlay —> 19.95 dollars/month - Language: English - with 1 month free trial

—> Online tools for guitarists (chords, ranges, accompaniment in several styles etc..). You also have the opportunity to speak live with the Coach. However, the site has been as pending for some time.

4 ArtistWorks —> $33 dollars/month -Language: English

—> Ultra-competent teachers who adapt to your needs. Slow motion on videos to better appreciate the rendering and follow the steps. Several levels of progression available to follow.

Free or paid?

. There are too many guitarists who get stuck and lose motivation quickly. Personally, the best way to improve on guitar is to find courses with a structured pedagogy and progressive red thread. Intermediate guitarists tend to look for free resources first. Although there are many free courses on YouTube, they lack structure and pedagogy. On the forums, it is often seen that people who want to learn how to play guitar prefer to pay 20€/month to have quality courses that are well focused on their goals and that really make them progress.

Electric or acoustic?

Beginners often ask whether they should start learning on an acoustic or electric guitar. The answer is both “it depends”, and “it doesn't really matter!”. There is not really a model, everyone learns something different and gets a game of his own, depending on his influences.The electric guitar sounds more easily, to make the chords sound, but you need to have a lot of equipment to hear the sound.

What if we don't have much time and little money?

This is where CoachGuitar can bring you what you need. With CoachGuitar, you will learn how to play famous songs with 5 colors. You don't need any musical theory or special knowledge. It is accessible to everyone, everything is visual so no language barrier and you are immediately immersed in the heart of the subject. All pieces are cut out so you can see exactly the placement of the fingers, the playing strings and the direction of the pictrum strokes. All the information is animated on a virtual guitar neck that reproduces exactly what the teacher plays above. In addition, you have access to the tablature of the course and you can practice the professional accompaniment that is offered in the course too. The Premium subscription is 9.99€/month to access a huge catalogue that is updated weekly. Check out proposed by CoachGuitar.