Easy guitar exercises for beginners



Tuesday 21 November 2017

Easy guitar exercises for beginners

When you start playing guitar, you have only one desire, power! On the other hand, during the first classes, we often break down in front of the incredible path to go. This is why the easy guitar method CoachGuitar was born.

Exercises to learn full pieces to the guitar

The magic of the coachguitar method is not to get you through the theory box, nor. Video lessons are divided by style and song, for example:

  • Blues Guitar Method
  • Reggae Guitar Method
  • Funk
  • Easy Pieces
  • Rock Easy Pieces
  • Pop Easy Pieces
  • Funk
  • Solos
  • Etc.

Once you have chosen the song (or solo) you like, ideally in the great beginners section if you just started the guitar. The classes begin and bring you directly into the heart of the subject by the fun box.

The 5 Steps of Guitar Method

1: Viewing the Full Song

Before learning to play, it is also important to learn to listen. The first video you will be offered will be the one of the full track, as you will be playing it in a few days!

2: visualization of the first section

The first section of a song is often its intro, these are the first seconds that are the most difficult to learn, if you manage to pass these few seconds of play, a new world will open up to you, you will know deep inside you that you will be in able to play this piece. It is normal that these first seconds of exercises seem very difficult to you at first. But don't worry, the teachers behind the CoachGuitar have done everything necessary to make everything accessible quickly for the great beginner. So you have to hang on to pass these first notes.

3: Viewing the following sections

As small “lego” bricks, you will learn one or more measures. Each sequence lasts only a few seconds, and you'll soon notice that in the easy guitar pieces for beginners, it looks like and repeats itself often, with simple variations. This is called “acquiring vocabulary in the fingers”. The more you learn, the more your fingers gain in muscle memory, and the easier and faster to learn the guitar!

4: Play all the sections

Now that you have all the lego bricks in your fingers, you just have to play them one in a row. No, it's not voodoo magic, you do play a complete song, in just a few days of class, and without knowing the slightest dose of solfeggio! You can even have fun with the pro orchestra without the guitar that comes with each song, you'll feel like you're playing in a band!

5: Share a good time with your friends

It's up to you, take your guitar in the evening, and have fun singing with your friends, you will become the star of the evening!