The best brands of acoustic guitar strings



Thursday 16 November 2017

The best brands of acoustic guitar strings

There are different brands of quality in the field of. Let's review them in order to better understand their characteristics as well as their strengths.


This brand revolutionized the world of guitarists in 1997 by offering them a new technology, namely polyweb and nanoweb. These strings have an exceptional service life and a specific sound shine. A true gliding sensation appears on contact, providing a resolutely unique touch. Their sound lasts longer than any other string.

La Bella

A bit like Elixir, La Bella, Italian brand, offers brilliant strings with a long lasting coating. They are not covered with a thin film of a material, but treated with plasma, these are the famous Vapor Shield strings adored by guitarists all over the world. These guitar strings are likely to last up to five times longer. They have won numerous innovation awards, including Best Acoustic Guitar Strings 2015 in the United States.

Martin & Co

This legendary American brand, has been making guitars for nearly two centuries. Martin & Co then decided to create its own line of strings. One of the most popular has a special alloy consisting of eighty percent copper and twenty percent zinc. With a limited service life, the brand also offers a rope with ninety-two percent bronze and eight percent tin and phosphorus that gains durability without loss of sound quality.

DR Strings

DR Strings is a company whose vocation, among other things, is the manufacture of acoustic guitar strings. It was founded in 1989 by Mark Dronge, the son of Guild Guitars founder Alfred Dronge. One of the great peculiarities of this brand is that the strings are made exclusively by hand. This is probably the most innovative brand in the guitar string. With strings set typed for precise uses (Zebra for Electro Acoustic, DDT for Drop Down tuning, etc.)


This brand also known as lenzner Musiksaiten is one of the last European strings to make folk guitar strings. The best known game, but also the hardest to find and the game Silk and Steel. It is simply the international benchmark in the field of “silk and steel” play. Their set of folk guitar strings has absolute comfort and a splendid sound balance. Fisoma is not well known to the general public because this tailpiece was based in East Germany, and therefore struggled to be known abroad during the wall period.


Blacksmith is a Korean brand that uses metals imported from the United States. Treatment of the latter is done by cryogenization. The material is compacted, eliminating all defects in the metal and improving the durability of the ropes. In addition, their density and strength are enhanced, resulting in increased quality. These ropes have the property of not overwearing the frets.

D'Addario D'Addario

is an Italian brand that has produced guitar strings since 1930. It is now based in the United States in New York State. It is a true reference for steel strings. These are among the best-selling on the market and offer excellent hold and high performance sound.

Cleartone Strings

Cleartone Strings is a California-based company responsible for the invention of the EMP (Enhanced Molecular Protection) process, preventing any form of oxidation of strings. The volume of the latter can be an additional thirty percent to the norm.Famous guitarists use them, such as Dave Mustaine.


The Rotosound strings are all made in England since the 1950s and have been played by the greatest guitarists. They have a very specific character that usually allows them to be identified at the first touch. Some games have the peculiarity of being very difficult to find.