Acoustic guitar strings: is brilliant sound really better?



Saturday 18 November 2017

Acoustic guitar strings: is brilliant sound really better?

Many guitarists, even advanced, swear by the brilliance of the sound, as if a brilliant sound was necessarily a sign of a better guitar string. Is that true?

The brilliance to some extent reflects the quality of the string but is also due to the nature of the materials

A well-made bronze phosphorus rope is generally very bright, one finds itself with the feeling of having power in his guitar, both the projected and clear sound, clear and piercing. But in the end is this really important? If you practice guitar/vocal accompaniment it is even possible that you cannot cover the sound produced by your guitar, so you find yourself hidden behind the instrument. Some 80/20 bronze acoustic guitar strings are also very bright, such as the La Bella Golden Alloy strings, which often leave fans of bronze strings speechless because their power is surprising.

Less shiny and more typed strings

It's not because most music stores offer you only acoustic guitar strings made of phosphorus bronze that it's worth it. Indeed, there are many other strings in other materials. For example in Silk and Steel (Silk and Steel, at Fisoma, La Bella or Martin & Co), silver (Fisoma, La Bella, and sometimes even nickel (DR Strings Zebra or D'Addario Nickel Bronze) or gold (at optima)!

To practice the in an intimate and warm way, acoustic guitar strings made of phosphorus bronze are not always suitable. Indeed, in small spaces they may project far too much sound volume. Unless you are a guitarist with a lot of experience and be able to accurately control the volume of your guitar, this type of string play can fit perilous exercise, see too “noisy” for the audience. It is here that games of other materials that are found in often well known steps take place. These are mainly the games in Silk and Steel and Silver (Fisoma Tramper with his image as a cowboy guitarist around a fire, La Bella 700). They are much less piercing and generally have a balance in the medium, which offers appreciable listening comfort for the audience. This type of string sets made of alternative material is also more interesting if you play in the apartment, because it allows you to “less break the ears” of your neighbors due to its “softer” attack that really brings a more delicate and felted sound universe. In addition they have the advantage of hurting fingers less, they are very appreciated by beginners because they facilitate the.