7 mistakes to avoid on guitar



Tuesday 04 February 2020

7 mistakes to avoid on guitar

7 erreur a éviter à la guitare


Very important to take the trick of tuning your guitar correctly from the start.

So yes, it takes five minutes, yes, “you don''t have the courage,” but let me tell you you''re going to save precious time.

Not agreeing is educating, and therefore accustoming your ear to playing false notes.

I don''t even explain the difficulty then to reverse.

Once the ear has become accustomed, it is not easy to realize that you are playing wrong, but it is all the more difficult when you want to play with others.

We''re going to have the feeling that others are disconnected, off your ear will be missing.

Be vigilant, take those 5 minutes that will not be a waste of time, quite the contrary. Use a mechanical tuner or application

Hold your Guitar too incline

Big flaw that you all have at the beginning (or almost all) is to lean your guitar too far to be able to visualize the squares and strings correctly.

The problem with this wrong position is that this inclination will require a lot more effort on the wrist, so you will have to compensate by twisting it completely.

This wrong position will cause you trouble playing difficult chords, and will simply strain you.

Think of holding your instrument as vertical as possible to your body, and feel free to lean your head over the guitar to see what you''re playing.

DO NOT take courses with a teacher

Selft-taught is good, it's very good, but you get a lot of flaws that are difficult to get rid of later.

No need to take hours of classes but simply a few lessons that will allow you to have good basics (for example, how to hold your guitar, wrist position, chords.. in short, the basics).

This will help you move forward in good conditions without subsequently having a crazy trouble getting rid of all the accumulated defects, but most importantly, you brake when you''re going to want to switch to pieces more complex. Once you have mastered the basics, you can continue on the ones we offer at CoachGuitar.

maitriser ses morceaux pour jouer devant un public

DO NOT master your tracks in front of an audience

Play on stage only tracks you know to perfection! (and I insist on the word perfection).

If you still have a little hesitation, or think you can master a song, you''ll crash every time playing it in front of an audience because you can be totally destabilized (which will affect your morale afterwards, no interest).

Audience stress can upset you and make you lose some of your means so do simple things that you master perfectly, pieces that you''ve worked on before, this that will avoid leaving you a bad memory of your time on stage.


Be Careful not to play all your strokes downwards.

One tends to play only downwards (instead of playing upwards too) resulting in huge strains in the forearm and wrist.

The other mistake is that by taking this bad habit, you will have understood it, you will again have a great deal of trouble getting away with it, and you will have to spend a lot of time at all. relearn.

The day you have long solos to play or complicated rhythms, you will not last in duration. Your game will be less fluid and less fast. Try to remove this error now!


At first you often play headphones in your room and you don''t dare play hard to avoid bothering.

The volume works like the instrument, it is advisable to do it from the beginning so as not to have unpleasant surprises when playing with an amp. As a result, you will be able to cope with the small inconveniences that can sometimes happen with an amp.

Not playing hard to play hard, no, not at all, it''s only to become aware of the volume and learn to master it.For those who play on an acoustic guitar, it is important to know how to master the volume of his game to grasp all the subtleties. PLAY

EFFECTS everywhere

The Fact of wanting to play with effects will hide the mistakes of the beginning and the “crooked” chords, then again, the ear will get used to its “hide and misery” effects and the day you want to play “no effect”, you will unfortunately realize that your game is not “clean”, that everything is not perfectly synchronized and that in reality you will be a little bit next to the plate.

Be careful, I''m not saying that the effects are not nice, I''m just saying that in a period of work and learning, it''s better to avoid (or occasionally).