19 Tips to Become a Better Guitarist



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1) Plan specific moments to train.

Set slots in the week to train regularly every day, scheduling repetitions in advance, you will never forget to train. Some people program recurring alarms on their smartphone so as not to forget that regular work is crucial to progress.

2) Have clear objectives

Keep in mind that you always have large and small lenses, the big one being the fact that you are on the guitar. Small goals will help you stay motivated throughout your learning. Ask yourself the right questions and impose small challenges, it will help you move forward.

3) Use a Metronome

Play with Metronome to keep pace and stimulate you. It is also very useful if you want to play in a band or even solo.

4) Select songs you like to practice.

By playing only the songs you love, you''ll stay motivated, so you''ll want to come back quickly and avoid boredom.

5) Find yourself a training place without too much distractions. Even if these are short repetitions, be sure that they are effective with little distractions. The important thing is that you stay focused and always have to.

6) Practice visualization technique.

This excellent visualization method can even help you correct your mistakes in your mind. When you get a little more used to using this practice, you will manage to train without a guitar, anywhere and at any time.

7) Treat yourself to a private teacher or online courses for a short time.

Having a private teacher or using online courses is the best way to improve your daily life. , it is the best way to move forward quickly and achieve your goals while being guided. Without a method, you will feel like you''re not progressing.

8) Learn to play slowly but surely.

Learning slowly and then accelerating, will allow you to work your muscle memory and learn more deeply a piece, you will also make fewer mistakes.

9) Do not be too critical of yourself.

Do not get shot and do not have too much frustration if you do not get it at the first time (the bigger ones went through there and made mistakes, like you!). Making mistakes is part of the learning process. Have the right attitude while keeping your motivation.

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10) Using a stand will help you keep the right posture and stay focused.

Playing using a stand will allow you to have all the essential guitar accessories at hand. This will also allow you to keep a good posture during the game, while being more relaxed and comfortable.

11) Choose songs or techniques to challenge you.

It is very important if you want to progress to impose challenges in order to improve your techniques. You give challenges is the best way to progress.

12) Train regularly.

Try to impose on yourself 5 workouts a week (even small ones), the most important being regularity. If you need a little motivation, use a few points given in this list, you should find something to boost yourself.

13) Try playing as a duo.

If you have the option, try playing a duet with a friend, your guitar teacher or simply by registering beforehand. There are a lot of advantages to playing as a duo because we learn faster and your game will be more varied.

14) Try to play at a faster pace than the tempo corresponding to the song.

Challenge yourself and try to play a song you already know, with a different rhythm such as jam rock, jam blues or jam funk.. Have fun playing on different tempos, you will be surprised by the result.

15) Stay tuned to your body.

Always have a good posture when playing the guitar, otherwise you will quickly get tired and you will not have fun. Always make sure to correct your posture along the way, remember to do it regularly in order to maintain good habits.

16) Be “hard” on yourself.

Only regular repetitions will give a quality game. Do not pass even small errors, be sure to correct them quickly. By being demanding with you from the very beginning, you will be sure to achieve a result that matches your efforts. Work pays off, aim for perfection!

17) Feel free to transpose the song.

Practice by playing the same song by transposing the chords either 2 tones above or 2 tones below. To begin with, transpose a chord progression into a new tone, then as you go, you''ll learn....

18) Start with the hardest to play.

After warming up, start with the phase that makes you most difficult. By doing so, you will not get tired because you will have started with the hardest, and the rest will seem easy to you. If you do the opposite, you may not want to continue. Get out of your comfort zone.

19) Have fun with your favorite songs.

Don''t just play hard tracks, think about training on the tracks you already know.

Set aside your favorite songs and enjoy playing them regularly, so you''ll keep your own printed repertoire cool that you can easily interpret and share.

Written by Brizzly
on 2020-04-16 15:44:10

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