Be the guitar player
you have always wanted to be

Learn with Colors

You don't need to know anything about music theory, just watch our step by step detailed videos, and learn your favorite songs. Guitar learning has never been so easy.


As simple as colors

5 colors to memorize, and you're good to learn any song from our library

Made for Everyone

We made things so that our method can be followed by everyone, whether you already know guitar or not

Step by step

Every lesson is broken down into short pieces : focusing on a specific part makes learning more efficient

Adapted to you

There are a lot of lessons within CoachGuitar. With 4 level of difficulty from Beginner to Advanced, you will find the lessons adapted to your own skills

Bring CoachGuitar Everywhere

Learn your favorite songs from any of your devices.

Premium Lessons

The CoachGuitar Lessons are made by professional teachers who have experienced their methods in music schools with thousand of students. Every piece is created to give you the keys to understand the real way to make it sound like a pro. Your favorite songs will no longer have secrets for you.

We love visual

Learning in a visual way makes your experience more confortable and leads you straight to the point. Everything is made so that you just need to focus on what is shown in our videos. Familiarizing with our color scheme is a matter of minutes, and that's all our learning method requires from you!

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Watch & Learn

Our highly detailed animated fretboard shows where to put your fingers and all of the things you need to know when playing guitar.

The importance of details

Finger placement, strumming direction, slides, hammers-on, pull-offs, bends, all of the subtle patterns that can be done on a guitar are simply shown. Fully visually.

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All the music
You'd love to learn

From the greatest classics to the best modern hits, the CoachGuitar library offers a wide selection of songs to be learned. There must what you look for.

Get focused or Get them all.

CoachGuitar comes with 3 different offers whether you want to focus on a specific lesson, start with Beginner lessons or just get all lessons

Single Lesson


  • Lifetime Access
  • Unlimited Streaming Time
  • Offline downloading
  • Digital Tablature

Beginner Pass

$3.99 /month

  • All Beginner Lessons
  • Unlimited Streaming Time
  • Offline downloading
  • Digital Tablature

Premium Pass

$7.99 /month

  • All Lessons
  • Unlimited Streaming Time
  • Offline downloading
  • Digital Tablature

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Awards & Honors.

With more than 5 million users, CoachGuitar is referenced has one of the best Guitar Learning App in global App Stores.

Featured as best music app

CoachGuitar has been featured as best music app in Apple App Store's main selection in more than 140 countries. Moreover, you will always find us in Apple's Music Selection category on the App Store.

Approved by the community

Our users love it! With a 4.5 median rating on App Stores, the CoachGuitar app and method is strongly approved by our community. And for that, we wish to say a big thanks to you.

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