5 Essential Tips
to start the guitar


The guitar is not complicated

This is the simplest of our advice and yet the most important! The guitar is probably one of the most universal instruments, the most accessible, and on which you will have a large margin of progression. The instrument itself is easy to handle and getting fast results is really within everyone's reach.

It will not take you much time to convince yourself once the first few hours spent playing!


Learn a song you love

What better start in your learning than the song you adore? It is possible that the song you choose will not be perfectly suited to your starting level. Yet the progress you will see when you learn will increase your confidence and your will to continue. Even if you learn technical basics when you start, always keep in parallel a "playground" in which everything is allowed.

Moreover, learning a piece you love will always be the best argument to motivate you to take the guitar.


Do not be afraid of the difficulty

Needless to deny: the learning of any instrument passes through phases where your patience is put to the test. You will have difficulty passing certain steps but be aware that the pause between sessions is more beneficial than you think. You will find yourself stumbling on an chord during a session and get there at the next as if you had always known it!

Time does its work in learning the guitar. With regular practice you will make leaps between your learning sessions!


Play according to your own style

You may be looking to play as your favorite artist. If decoding the positions and techniques is an excellent exercise, do not hesitate to find your way to apprehend your guitar, the most adapted to your morphology. Great guitarists have a completely unconventional approach - Mark Knopfler / Dire Straits - just to name one! This is essential: do not be afraid to bring your own touch to your game.

You'll feel free as you've never been by letting your own style express itself.


How to choose your first guitar

Here's a crucial point! There are a lot of parameters that come into play when buying a guitar (type, wood, budget, ...) But the best advice we can give is to find a guitar adapted to you. When you choose a guitar it is important to have it in hand and to be able to test it. Detach yourself from any marketing aspect and just try to find a guitar with which you feel comfortable.